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Negativity: Be Kind to YOU

Updated: May 1, 2020

My thoughts race as I lay in bed, resisting the third panic attack of the day. Frustrated, I toss and turn until sleep finally takes over.

Oftentimes, the fear and anxiety we feel, stems from not feeling adequate or good enough. For me, fear and anxiety usually starts with a small voice (not a real voice, thankfully; just my inner voice - thoughts) and it refuses to let me sleep. It's kept me awake thinking about that ONE customer who had made that ONE rude remark. I mean, it wasn't an attack on my character, was it? 'Of course it was, idiot' says the small voice.

Sometimes, this "voice" can help, but most of the time it is ONLY there to hold you back. Once we stop worrying and caring what this little "voice" says, we feel empowered. Unless it's telling you how amazing and wonderful you are (which you are), ignore it.

Here is a simple task that makes a HUGE difference.

Whenever you find yourself thinking ANYTHING negatively about yourself, actively think these 5 words; 'I am more than enough.' This may take some practice, but you'll get the hang of it.

Be kind to YOU.

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